The Tropical Fruit Sector of Asociafruit is made up of avocado and mango producers and trading companies, with common objectives and needs in the modernization of the different cultivation tasks, commercialization, etc.



Considered by many nutritionists as a miracle fruit, its consumption helps control blood pressure, cholesterol, provides anti-inflammatory properties, regulates blood sugar levels, increases the absorption of nutrients, and takes care of the skin, among other properties.

Spain is the main and almost the only avocado producing country in Europe. Its production is mainly concentrated in Andalusia, the main producing region, traditionally on the subtropical coast of Granada and Malaga and, currently, also in areas of Almería, Cádiz, Huelva and Seville. Its cropping season, according to varieties, lasts from October to May.



The subtropical coast of Malaga and Granada, because of their excellent conditions for growing mango, concentrates practically all the cultivation of this fruit in Andalusia. Depending on the varieties, the campaign begins in August with the earliest varieties and runs until the end of November with the later ones, although the bulk of the campaign volume is concentrated between September and October, months they coincide in production the majority varieties.

Mango in Andalusia is a growing crop because of its excellent quality / price ratio, due to the proximity of the destination market to the place of production compared to imports from tropical countries. The longer maturation time on the tree allows to obtain fruits of better organoleptic and nutritional quality.