Its membership may be considered to account for nearly all the drupe production in the Guadalquivir Valley (Seville and Cordoba) and substantial portions of production in Huelva and Badajoz.

The region benefits from a fortunate combination of one of the earliest harvests in Europe and soil and climate conditions that produce an excellent quality of fruit.

The season runs from late April to early July, with the largest volume of business in May and June. In the case of the Japanese plum, the season lasts through early September.

The high quality of the fruit harvested is enhanced by a classification and selection process consistent with the highest standards of care, facilitated by the use of specially developed cutting-edge technology. Such technological development begins during production with a rigorous and thoroughly modern selection of varieties and continues with the application of exacting agricultural and disease treatment techniques in keeping with the fundamentals of integrated production to guarantee crops of exceptional quality.